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Clifford T. Ward tapes

These tracks produced by Clifford T Ward with collaboration from John Peel for the Dandelion label, recorded at The Marquee Studios with Phil as the recording engineer.

All the tracks apart from number three come from the one album, "Singer Songwriter" realeased in 1972.

Track three is proving difficult to identify.

Reel 05 tk1Coathanger3:50s
Reel 05 tk8The Session Singer5:46s
Reel 05 tk9? 3:54s
Reel 47 tk1The Cause is Good 3:54s
Reel 47 tk2Anticipation3:50s
Reel 47 tk3A Dream5:46s
Reel 47 tk4Sam 3:54s
Reel 47 tk5Sympathy 3:54s
Reel 47 tk6You Knock When You Should Come In 3:54s
Reel 51 tk8Coathanger 3:54s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.