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The Clive Westlake tape

A collection of demo tracks:

Clive Westlake was an extremely talented Welsh-born singer/songwriter who, according to Phil used to book a session at The Marquee Studios, record two songs with just himself on piano and vocals and take the tapes to a publisher, get £250 cash for them, and live well for the next two weeks until another session was booked. Such was the quality of his songs that engineers at The Marquee would fight each other to be able to work on these sessions.

Of the six tracks we found on this tape, one has been covered by Elvis Presley ("How the Web Was Woven") and the other by Dusty Springfield ("I Close my Eyes and Count To Ten"). The other four tracks do not appear on any of the web discographies that I have found so far and may well be unreleased songs. I have guessed at the titles from the lyrics (apart from track two where a voice on the talkback can be heard before the song with "In my time, take one", but please let me know if you know any of the other three.

Reel 08 tk1When You're Not With Me2:50s
Reel 08 tk2In My Time3:04s
Reel 08 tk3How The Web Was Woven4:00s
Reel 08 tk4Shine a Light2:48s
Reel 08 tk5What is Life2:50s
Reel 08 tk6I Close my Eyes & Count To Ten3:09s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.