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The Focus tapes

Two 7.5ips reels of tape recorded from the live gig at The Rainbow (aka Astoria) Finsbury Park recorded on May 5th 1973. Recorded with the Pye Mobile and produced by Mike Vernon with Phil Dunne as recording engineer.

Each tape is one half of the gig and was taken from the stereo mixdown as it was happening. Some tracks didn't make it onto the released album, such as the Dowland guitar solo.

Thanks to Graeme Pleeth and Paul Smith for help with identifying the tracks.

I hope any Focus fans will excuse my ignorance of the track titles. I have split the tracks out from the tape as best I can but may have left some joined together. I sort of remember the wobbly yodelling one but nothing else I'm afraid. Anyway here's a selection of what I think are individual tracks:

Reel 69 tk2Focus title 16:21s
Reel 69 tk3Focus title 24:35s
Reel 69 tk4Focus title 39:10s
Reel 69 tk5Hocus Pocus6:02s
Reel 45 tk2Sylvia5:36s
Reel 45 tk4Focus (John Dowland)3:50s
Reel 45 tk6House of the King3:28s
Reel 45 tk10Focus title 86:01s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.