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The Johnny Harris tape

This reel comprises three tracks from his "All to Bring You Morning" album.

Johnny Harris is a well known arranger and these three superb tracks were beautifully engineered at Advision Studios by Eddie Offord with Phil as tape op. The drummer was Pete Gavin according to Phil.

There are clicks on these tracks which suggest it came from a vinyl transcription, however the tape was recorded at 15ips and the quality is surprisingly good although digital compression means the samples you can listen to have been reduced in quality a little.

Reel 14 tk1You've Lost That Loving Feeling7:55s
Reel 14 tk2Norwegian Wood2:34s
Reel 14 tk3Faure's Pavane2:42s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.