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The Kiki Dee tapes

These are 15ips copy masters of each side of Kiki Dee's 1974 album "I've Got the Music in Me", one generation down from the master tapes.

Both reels of tape were found to be shedding badly and needed careful cleaning before we could get a decent copy.

The producer was Gus Dudgeon with recording engineer Phil Dunne, recorded at The Marquee Studios. The combination of Gus's intricate and inspired production with Phil's wonderfully recorded sounds and all the hugely talented musicians involved make this stand out as a classic album. Listen carefully and remind yourself that this was recorded on analogue tape forty three years ago.

Another tape we found was the demo tape for "Little Frozen One", in a labelled box showing all the details of the recording. It was recorded at Tommy Steele's Nova Studios in Bryanston St, London and the date was 10th May 1974. The producer was Clive Franks with engineering by Nova staff Richard Dodds and Aldo. The tape was recorded with the CCIR equalisation curve, but copied here with NAB equalisation which adds a midrange lift to the response.

Reel 4 tk1I've Got the Music in Me5:01s
Reel 4 tk2Someone to Me3:49s
Reel 4 tk3Step by Step4:32s
Reel 4 tk4Water4:07s
Reel 4 tk5Out of My Head 4:20s
Reel 23 tk1Do it Right 6:04s
Reel 23 tk2Little Frozen One4:35s
Reel 72 tk1Little Frozen One (demo)4:21s
Reel 23 tk3Heart and Soul4:35s
Reel 23 tk4You Need Help5:50s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.