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The Rory Gallagher tape

A great track from a live gig at The Marquee Club recorded via the tielines into The Marquee Studios possibly some time between 1968 and 1972. The film producer was Derek Burbridge, who used six cameras for the filming.

This is the stereo monitor mix from the session, and according to Phil is the only stereo mix from the night as "the BBC took the mono feed from the cameras" to quote Phil's recollection of the sessions which were for the BBC television series "The Old Grey Whistle Test".

There are two tape copies in the collection, and I'm still not sure if it's the same track on both tapes or two different takes from different nights, or even two different mixes of the same performance.

Reel 05 tk7Goin' to My Home Town4:59s
Reel 49 tk8Goin' to My Home Town5:01s