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The Radio Luxembourg tape

Possibly recorded at Advision Studios sometime around the late sixties, these are five Radio Luxembourg jingles.

In the days before UK pirate radio in the mid 1960s, the only way to hear broadcasts of pop music was to listen to the evening programmes starting at 7pm from Radio Luxembourg on 208 metres medium wave. It was barely audible with evening interference from other nearby stations but greatly appreciated by the young audience. The BBC Light programme only played dance band music from another era which did not satisfy the young audiences enjoying the enormous pop music boom of the early and mid sixties. The situation brought about the rise of offshore radio stations (Radio Caroline etc) which broadcasted the current pop music all day every day and introduced a lot more excitement into radio broadcasting. The pirate radio stations were later shut down by government legislation and replaced by BBC Radio 1 who employed many of the pirate DJs. This is covered well by the film "The Boat That Rocked".

Reel 41 tk3Jingle No 10:09s
Reel 41 tk4Jingle No 20:14s
Reel 41 tk5Jingle No 30:11s
Reel 41 tk6Jingle No 40:06s
Reel 41 tk7Jingle No 50:12s