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The Solution tapes

A Dutch band with several album releases produced by Gus Dudgeon:
"Cordon Bleu" recorded at Rockfield Studios in 1975 and mixed at The Marquee with Phil Dunne as recording engineer,
"Fully Interlocking" recorded at The Mill in 1977 with Phil Dunne and Stuart Epps.

These tracks are from the album "It's Only Just Begun" and were recorded at Spitsbergen Studios in Holland in 1980 and overdubbed/mixed at The Mill with Phil as recording engineer, but this album was not produced by Gus.

Hi Rod, My name is Guus Willemse, bas/voc of the band Solution, that was the first band to record in Gus' studio. We have a million good memories of Gus (and Sheila of course!), also before the Mill was in use. We recorded our first album with Gus in the Rocket Studio's in Wales (Cordon Bleu) and after that we were often in Cookham.
With warm greetings,
Guus Willemse

Click here for the Solution website

There is also a reel 16 from Solution which seems to be identical to reel 13, so I've just put reel 13 in to save on space.

The tracks all appear to be backing tracks and are repeated on the different tapes and sound like they may be alternative mixes and versions. The first track is a very short but great drum sound from their drummer Hans Waterman.

Reel 9 tk1Drum sound0:04s
Reel 9 tk2It's Only Just Begun5:23s
Reel 9 tk3Mirror8:26s
Reel 9 tk4Theme of "Captain Willie"6:50s
Reel 13 tk1Mirror6:08s
Reel 13 tk2It's Only Just Begun4:06s
Reel 13 tk4It's Only Just Begun3:08s
Reel 17 tk1Mirror8:24s
Reel 17 tk2Theme of "Captain Willie"6:48s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.