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The Wizz Jones tape

This was on a 7.5ips reel and labelled "anonymous folk" which is a pity as they shouldn't be, and Phil thinks it was recorded at The Marquee Studios some time in the early seventies.

Thank you once again to John Beresford for identifying this group of tracks;

"The vocalist is Wizz Jones and the samples are takes of the first five tracks on his 1972 LP 'Right Now', which was recorded at Marquee Studios. Other musicians credited on the LP sleeve include John Renbourn (sitar, harmonica), Pete Berryman (guitars), Sue Draheim (fiddle) and Sandy Jones (Wizz' s wife) (banjo).

Following on from this discovery, I found that tape 43 which Phil had originally attributed to John Renbourn is in fact the rest of this Wizz Jones album and so has been moved here as a correction.

Reel 40 tk1Which of Them You Love the Best5:01s
Reel 40 tk2One Grain of Sand3:34s
Reel 40 tk3City of the Angels6:04s
Reel 40 tk4Raven3:54s
Reel 40 tk5Right Now4:27s
Reel 43 tk1Find a Man for You Girl3:39s
Reel 43 tk2American Land4:01s
Reel 43 tk3No More Time to Try2:41s
Reel 43 tk4Mary Go Round6:46s
Reel 43 tk5Deep Water3:44s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.