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The "West of England Sound" tapes

West Of England Sound was a small studio in Torquay, and from 1969 until around 1976 Phil Dunne was a co-owner with Tony Waldron.

The studio had two Revox 2 track machines and recorded local acts and talent.

Whilst none of these artists reached the fame of the bands from the London studios, they were nevertheless talented and dedicated musicians, and these details & samples are important as the recordings are probably rarer than most. These are included in case the bands, fans, friends or family may recognise and appreciate their performances from nearly fifty years ago.

The Syd Farnham Trio

These were the resident band for many years at The Casa Marina & also Coral Island in Torquay.

Reel 1 tk3Unknown title2:03s
Reel 1 tk8Unknown title3:45s
Reel 1 tk10Unknown title2:09s
Reel 1 tk13Unknown title3:52s
Reel 81 tk1Unknown title3:05s
Reel 81 tk2Unknown title2:30s
Reel 81 tk4Fool on the Hill2:21s
Reel 81 tk5A Taste of Honey2:19s

The John Alan Orchestra

Reel 1 tk1Unknown title2:03s
Reel 1 tk14Unknown title3:45s
Reel 64 tk1Unknown title2:09s
Reel 64 tk2Unknown title3:52s
Reel 64 tk3Unknown title3:05s
Reel 64 tk4Unknown title2:30s
Reel 64 tk5Unknown title2:21s


On a 15ips tape reel labelled unflatteringly "West Country Mank", four tracks from a rock band.

Reel 30 tk1Unknown title3:35s
Reel 30 tk2Unknown title2:19s
Reel 30 tk3Unknown title3:02s
Reel 30 tk4Unknown title3:44s

Ginger Hobby Horse

A small jazz inspired band similar to The Peddlers. Many of the tracks are repeated and may be different mixes.

Reel 1 tk2Love is Blue3:30s
Reel 1 tk4Love is Blue3:30s
Reel 1 tk5One Note Samba2:47s
Reel 1 tk6I've Got You Under My Skin2:34s
Reel 1 tk7Wives & Lovers2:53s
Reel 1 tk9Ebb Tide3:30s
Reel 1 tk12A Man and a Woman3:16s
Reel 1 tk15Ebb Tide3:30s
Reel 1 tk16A Man and a Woman3:16s
Reel 64 tk6Love is Blue3:30s
Reel 64 tk7One Note Samba2:47s
Reel 64 tk8I've Got You Under My Skin2:34s
Reel 64 tk9Wives & Lovers2:53s
Reel 64 tk10Ebb Tide3:30s
Reel 64 tk11A Man and a Woman3:16s

The complete duration of each track is shown, however all playable samples have been edited to 30 seconds in length.